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The Cirql app provides the most efficient means to access information on elected officials, legislative staff, agency administrators and lobbyists in state and federal government.

Cirql offers detailed office and biographical information on statewide elected officials, Senators and members of the House of Representatives. Some of the information Cirql provides includes contact information, official websites, campaign websites, committee memberships, staff listings and staff emails. In some states Cirql offers searchable information on lobbyists and companies hiring lobbyists.

Cirql can be used to alert you when companies hire or terminate lobbyists that represent their interests. Cirql also allows users to create vote count sheets on individual initiatives and to establish campaign giving plans and to track those plans.
* Not all services are available in each state.
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Cirql is the mobile platform that brings state leadership and influencer data to the same secure platform. It's a faster, easier way for policy makers, citizens and influencers to get the information they need to communicate and collaborate on state policy and governance.