Features mycirqladmin February 6, 2020
Stay in the Loop

Cirql provides the most efficient means to access information on elected officials, legislative staff, agency administrators and lobbyists in both state and federal government.

Never Miss An Important Filing

Our Lobbyist tool allows you to set up customizable notifications to alert you when lobbyists register for companies or associations relevant to your clients.

Keep Track of Vote Counts on Bills

Stay completely up-to-date on the status of bills that are most relevant to you with live count updates.

Client & PAC Contributions

Easily manage each client’s budget and allocations to PACs and individual legislators. Big list you need to share? You can easily download and distribute a .pdf containing your saved information.

All Campaign Financing, All the Time

Check on who is donating to whom, whether it is either PACs or specific individuals. Detailed breakdowns provide full insight into the flow of cash across campaigns relevant to you.

State Agencies at Your Fingertips

Access our large-scale directories for state agencies and their relevant personnel all in one place. Need to get in touch? Up-to-date contact information is also provided directly in the tool.